Day 3: Changing a tyre

I have been driving for more than 20 years and luckily, in all that time have never had a flat tyre. But what would I do if I got a puncture? Call Roadside assistance you say. But what if my phone battery was flat, I was out of the mobile service area or a koala stole my phone? Well then I’d be stuck, wouldn’t I?

That’s just not good enough. As a strong minded (my husband would say stubborn) independent woman, I take pride in being self-sufficient. I am not a fan of being the damsel in distress (and let’s face it, passed 40 no-one wants to rescue you anyway!) so it follows that I should be able to change a tyre on my own car, just in case.

I roped my husband in on this one as photographer (and to call an ambulance if the car fell on me!) Also, as he has experience in changing a wheel, I’d need his advice on how to do it. If you have never changed a tyre before, here is my step-by-step guide on how it’s done.

How to change a tyre, in pictures:

Now I must come clean.  I made a rookie mistake. I jacked the car up before loosening the wheel nuts. AND they were on really tight. I vaguely remember seeing people stand on the lug wrench and jump up and down to try and loosen their wheel nuts, but as I had already jacked up the car, I was worried about shaking it around too much. Rather than start all over again, I called on my trusty henchman (a.k.a the husband) to loosen them for me.

Other than that – I did it all myself. I’d like to think I would have been able to loosen the nuts as well, had I tried to do it BEFORE jacking up the car. They were on tight, but I can be one determined woman when I set my mind to something!

Have you changed a tyre before? How did you get those pesky nuts off? I’d love to hear your flat tyre stories. Please post them in the comments below.


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