Week 9: Getting sorted & cleaning up

Day 58: Started a bullet journal

You may have gathered by now that I am not the most organised of people. I usually manage to get things done, but my method is chaotic at best – and I always feel under pressure. Since starting my year of doing 1 thing new every day, I have really noticed just how disorganised I am, so it was with great interest I read about the bullet journal trend.

A bullet journal is essentially a journal, crossed with a diary, to-do list and notebook. It’s a place to jot down notes, daily tasks, upcoming events, things to remember, basically anything you think of during the day (or night). The beauty of the bullet journal is that it is a quick and easy. It uses a key to organise your entries so you can log them quickly. As the journal is essentially a blank book, you can customise it however you like and there are some gorgeous bullet journals out there. Just google bullet journal and you’ll see.

On day 57 I bought a new blank book ($2 in Kmart) and some glitter pens (again $2 – thank God for Kmart!) and set about organising my bullet journal (and by extension my life!). No pictures yet (I’ve yet to master the art of prettying up my journal) but I did find it helpful organising my daily new things for this week.

Day 59: Jury Duty

Late last year I received a letter notifying me I would be required for jury service. I know most people try to get out of this, but I was quite keen to give it a go. I checked with work to make sure I would be paid my full salary for the days I would be serving and they said I would be. The court pays approximately $40 per day to jurors (hardly a day’s salary) and my employer said I should make the cheque (who uses cheques these days!) over to them and they’ll keep paying my salary. The court also gives you an allowance for lunch and travel on public transport, but they won’t pay for parking if you drive (pretty inconvenient as it takes me over an hour and a few bus changes to get there!) Despite that, I notified the court I would be available and then waited for the summons. That came early February.

When I received my summons it stated I would need to be available for 3 weeks. The way jury service works in Queensland, you need to check the court list daily to see if you are required the following day. So for 3 weeks I need to check the court’s online jury list after 5.30pm every day. This is rather inconvenient as I can’t let work know whether I’ll be in the next day or not, it also presents child care issues.

Anyway, on day 58 I was requested to turn up at the court house for jury selection. On arrival at the courthouse all potential jurors assembled in a room with a TV, tea and coffee making facilities and a loo. After rollcall we sat through an hour long (tediously boring) instructional video. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Eventually, all jurors were called into the court room where the judge, judges assistant, barristers, solicitors and defendant were waiting. (The judge and barristers do wear wigs – even in district court). The judge began by thanking the jury, then her assistant explained how the empanelment process works. After that the judge read the charges against the defendant and a list of possible witnesses. If a juror knew any of the people involved in the case they had to notify the court, as they cannot sit on the jury. Then empanelment process began.

The judge’s assistant pulled names out of a barrel (a bit like being in a bingo hall really) and the potential juror had to walk passed the defendant, then in front of the barristers. The barristers could ask for a juror to ‘stand by’ if they didn’t like the look of them. Seriously, they just take a look and say ‘stand down’ then you have to walk back to your seat. If they don’t say anything you take an oath on the bible or an affirmation promising to be honest, impartial etc. and take a seat in the jury box. Unfortunately, my number didn’t come up (or maybe fortunately, I felt sorry for the people who were asked to ‘stand down’ as they looked rather embarrassed). I still have another week of being on standby and checking the court lists every night. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

Day 60: I waxed upper lip

Now I’m not particularly hairy and usually make do with a pair of tweezers but on day 59 I decided to wax the hair above my upper lip. I bought some sensitive wax strips that you warm up in your hands before applying to the area in question – in this case above my upper lip.wax

It’s fairly straight forward. Mind you once the wax strip is attached, it takes a bit to muster up the courage to rip it off! One quick pull (against the direction of hair growth) and it’s done. Except of course I then had to do the other side and a few stray hairs at the corner of my lips. The pack came with some post-waxing wipes which got rid of the sticky residue and soothed the area. My pseudo moustache was fairly red but that went down pretty quickly. All in all, a successful activity. I’ll probably do it again in a few weeks.

Day 61: I complimented everyone I spoke to

On day 60 I made a conscious effort to pay a compliment to everyone I spoke to. It really is true that there is joy in giving (and this doesn’t just apply to Christmas and birthday presents!). When someone receives a compliment in usually makes them smile and feel good about themselves, and everyone I spoke to seemed happy, to be complimented by me. This in turn made me feel good about myself. I am really starting to enjoy my little acts of kindness and hope to continue finding new and different ways to perform them.compliment

Day 62: Solar Powered robot

I made my first solar powered robot on day 61. Actually it was the first robot I’d ever made, solar powered or not. I had been looking online for instructions, but my son had recently received a solar powered robot kit so I decided to use that instead. The kit comes with specific instructions, so it wasn’t a particularly amazing feat, but I did enjoy getting the mechanical parts working. I hit a snag at one point where one of the wheels hadn’t been correctly inserted so it wouldn’t work, but after taking it apart and putting it back together a few times, I got it working.Solar powered robot

Isn’t he cute? Well I had to dismantle it again, so that my son could do it himself. After all, it is his robot kit.

Day 63: New recipe – Cauliflower pizza

I was so hungry by the time my cauliflower pizza was ready that I forgot to take a photo of it. Also Saturday is pizza and movie night and the boys were in a hurry to get the movie on. My pizza actually started out as a melted cheese sandwich (at least that’s what the recipe said).

I followed the recipe, got the cauliflower mixture into the frying pan, but when I went to flip it the whole thing fell apart. I had just taken the boys pizza’s (real ones) out of the oven, so that’s when I decided to turn my messy sandwich into a pizza. I took the cauliflower mixture out of the frying pan and moulded it into a pizza shape, topped with cheese and salami and put it in the oven on a high heat (220 celcius). I’d like to say it was delicious – it wasn’t quite, but it wasn’t bad.

Day 64: Clean Up Australia Day

5th March is Clean Up Australia Day, when Aussies are encouraged to go out into their community and pick up litter. Not many people do take part mind you and I’m usually one of those who doesn’t. Not today however. I signed up online earlier in the week. Using the http://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/ website I found a clean up site in my local area and registered as a volunteer.

Turning up at 9.00am I was given a recycling bag and a compostable rubbish bag. I brought my own gloves, popped on a hat and off I went. I am quite amazed at how many cigarette butts I picked up; mainly in the car park but a fair number in the kids playground. Other things that littered the playground were lollypop sticks and popped balloons. And don’t get me started on single use plastic bottles and McDonald’s wrappers! When you’ve got time to think and you’re picking up litter, you really do wonder why we produce so much waste. I certainly intend to do more to reduce the amount of rubbish I produce.

Do you have any waste reduction strategies you’d like to share? Are you an avid reuser or recycler? Or do you have a juicy juror story you’d like to share? Pop it in the comments, we’d love to hear it.

Ciao for now.



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