Week 10: I’m grateful for… trees, knots, new foods & more!

From gratitude lists and excellent apps to climbing trees and tying knots, I’ve had another new experience packed week!

Day 65: Wrote a gratitude list

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to have a number of health benefits. It is credited with improving physical and psychological health, reducing aggression (something I could probably do with), improving self-esteem and mental toughness as well as helping people sleep better. Over recent years, much has been written about various ways to boost feelings of gratitude, with the more popular being to keep a gratitude journal or write a list of things you are grateful for.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the things I am grateful for. Because I am keeping a bullet journal, I tried (not too successfully) to make my list decorative. As I wrote my list I realised just how lucky I am to be happy, loved, employed – and live near the beach!Gratitude list

I thoroughly recommend taking stock and making a list of all the good things you have in your life. Write down everything big or small that makes you happy. For example one of the things I am grateful for is Alfred, our robot vacuum cleaner – I love not having to vacuum every day yet still having a clean floor! Going back and reading my list this week has certainly put me in a good mood emotionally and made me feel more grateful for, and connected, to my wonderful husband.

Day 66: Learnt to tie knots

One of my goals this year is to learn new skills to make me more self-sufficient. So far this year I have learned to change a tyre, use a whipper snipper and start a fire using steel wool and a battery. On Tuesday (day 65) I taught myself to tie some basic knots.

The first step in day 65’s new thing was deciding on which knots to learn. A quick google search resulted in numerous lists of ‘essential knots everyone should know’ however, there were a few knots that kept cropping up. Chief among these were the reef knot (aka the square knot), bowline, figure of 8, clove hitch, sheet bend and taught line hitch. There are tons of websites providing step-by-step instructions, illustrations and how to videos, so I won’t bother wasting your time or mine, re-hashing these again (you can find instructions on my pinterest board).

All the knots I chose are pretty easy to learn, although I’ll just have to practice them occasionally to make sure I don’t forget!

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Day 67: Climbed a tree

On day 66 I climbed a tree for the first time in my adult life. I feel the need to clarify this, it’s not the first time I have climbed a tree. As a child I climbed a few trees. For a while, as a teenager, I even had a favourite tree I’d regularly climb, and perch on a branch with a good book. It was one of my favourite spots to read, that is until my parents sold the house and we moved! After that, I don’t really remember finding another tree to climb. Climbing a tree as a kid though, is quite different to climbing a tree as an adult – a 40-something adult at that!Climb a tree

Well actually, climbing up the tree wasn’t too difficult (although lifting the legs up high enough was in some instances challenging!) As is often the case, coming back down was the more daunting part. It’s quite amazing how the distances between branches seem far greater coming back down than they did on the way up! I’m happy to report that I made it up and back down again in one piece, and actually felt rather invigorated for having made it up (and back down) the tree.

Day 68: Posted a comment on someone’s blog

There are a number of blogs I regularly read (bucketlistjourney.net, bradaronson.com and 12minuteathlete.com to name a few) however I tend to be something of a lurker. I like to read, but don’t join the online conversation. Until now that is. After starting my own blog and realising how lonely (and somewhat discouraging) it is not to receive any comments or spark any conversations, I thought it was high time I left a comment on someone else’s blog. So I did. Thanks Annete White of bucket list journey, for replying to my comment.

If you’re reading this, feel free to leave a comment below!

Day 69: New tastes – Palak Paneer

I think I have mentioned I am following a low carb eating plan at the moment and it is quite a departure from my usual carb fuelled diet. I’ve been looking for foods that are ketosis friendly and for the sake of my blog, things that I haven’t eaten before. I came across Palak Paneer in the Indian food aisle of the supermarket last week, and when I saw how low it is in carbs, I was quite excited to try it. Just a few minutes in the microwave and voila it’s ready.

I must admit, once I had the meal plated up (or rather slopped into a bowl) it didn’t look all that appetising. Strange how it looked absolutely NOTHING like the image on the front of the packet! That said, my Palak Paneer was rather tasty. I think I’d like to try it at a proper restaurant though as I’m sure that would be miles better.

Day 70: One app to rule them all!

I’m a bit of a technophile. I really love technology and suffer terrible anxiety if I leave the house without my phone. So it was with great pleasure I discovered the IFTT app (thanks to Katherine Sullivan of Marketing Solved). The If This Then That app lets you control a number of applications from social media to home automation and thousands of others in-between. One applet that I love (and will benefit me enormously) unmutes your phone and maximises your ringer volume so you can ring it and find it when you’ve lost it. I do this all the time, wander around the house with my phone, put it down then can’t find it (and usually when I’ve left the damn thing on mute!). With IFTT no more!

If you’ve found an amazing app you’d like to tell us about or tried a new food, or learnt something new this week or just want to say hello, please leave a comment below.


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